Radoslav Trifonov

Hello, my name is Radoslav Trifonov and I am the owner of Livespecial Ltd. I was born in Bulgaria and after my graduation I came to the United Kngdom to improve my English. My plans were to stay for 1-2 years, but today I'm still working and living here.

My father owns cosmetics wholesale company and one of the best and most sought-after products are developed and made by BAS - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. These products are well known to British tourists visited the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. But it turns out these products can't be found in the UK. That's why my father was forced to send them from Bulgaria to the United Kingdom.

And the idea for my company was born - to give the British people access to high quality cosmetics products, developed and made in real laboratories by real scientists. Soon after that I set up the company Livespecial Ltd. and started importing BAS skin care series, and other proven products.

My mission is to give people healthy and quality alternative to all questionable products flooding the markets nowadays. This alternative comes from Bulgaria - the home of rose oil, with thousand-year tradition. The healing and beauty powers of the Black Sea salt lakes has been known since the Roman times. Lye and mud found in these Bulgarian salt lakes help treating back pain, neurological disorders, joint pain. Black Sea lye and mud have also skin-beautyfying, hydrating, anti-aging effect. This is the reason why Black Sea lye and mood is the foundation for all cosmetics series developed and made by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Informative website for BAS products.